COVID-19 Reopening Announcement

We are going to resume services at Chestuee Worship Center Sunday, May 3rd. Sunday School @ 10:00 and Worship @ 11:00.

We’ve all grown through this and God has taught us many things such as patience and endurance. You are doing great.

Although the cases are very low in Polk County, we want to protect your health and safety. Considering the context of our local community relative to the pandemic, we feel it’s best to begin this Sunday with a few temporary guidelines. Note that these guidelines are just temporary and we are doing this in an attempt to protect your health.

1. If you’re sick, you are more than welcome to stay at home. If you’ve had close contact with someone who is sick, you are more than welcome to stay at home.
2. If you have an underlying health condition such as diabetes, asthma, heart condition, etc. or older than 65, please be aware that you could be at greater risk.
3. If you feel you should wear a mask then wear one. If you feel you should wear gloves then wear them.
4. We have hand sanitizer in the lobby for everyone to use as they enter and leave. We encourage you to use it.
5. We may not be able to keep 6 feet apart but try to refrain from physical contact. I realize this is incredibly difficult to do for all of us but this is only temporary.

These guidelines are an effort to protect the church and honor those who are on the frontlines fighting this virus and those who have lost their life due to the virus. We don’t want to make it harder on those who are on the frontlines. So let’s follow these guidelines to the best of our ability. We want to stop the spread through prayer, proper hygiene and physical distancing.

Children Church/Nursery:
We will not have children’s church/Nursery until further notice. We will monitor our situation on a week-by-week basis as to whether we will begin having children’s church. We will let you know when we begin children’s church/Nursery. Please be sure to keep your children with you at all times if you decide to attend.

If you don’t feel you should attend at this time, we understand. You will not be judged and we look forward to seeing you soon. We encourage you to join us online.

We will be sure to thoroughly clean the church before service as we always do because we care about you.

Lastly, I just want to let you know that I am concerned with our rights as citizens of this nation, the health of our church family and the financial health of our church family. I’m in prayer for all three areas. Please know that if you disagree with starting services this Sunday or with the temporary guidelines, its okay. I realize that there will be different views and I want you to know that it’s okay. We just need to remind ourselves to keep the unity of the Spirit. It’s my desire to make the best decision for the whole church and I love y’all.

Thank you for being so understanding during this time and I’ll see you Sunday and online tonight with Nick Herron preaching.

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