1/11/17 – Priorities – Sam Burger


If you have your priorities in order you’ll see the will of God flow in your life. The Bible teaches about priorities. God admonishes us to seek Him first and things will come together in our lives. We have all at one time or another put the cart before the horse. In other words, we tried to make things happen in our own efforts by seeking other things first. 

I was reading preaching magazine and came upon this letter about priorities written by a pastor. 

“In 1988, Greg Simmons, a brilliant young businessman whose ideas helped revolutionize American life insurance, flew to New York to make a presentation to Board members of AT&T. It was a deal with a commission potential worth more than one million dollars. At the last minute, the AT&T CEO was delayed. He requested that Greg make his proposal the following day. Greg politely explained that was not possible. ‘Tomorrow,’ he said, ‘is my daughter’s fifth birthday. I promised her I’d be at her party.’ 

“For Greg Simmons, his daughter’s birthday party was more important than a million-dollar deal. I wonder how many big-time CEOs have played second fiddle to a little girl’s birthday party. I also wonder if Greg had any idea he would die in a mountain fall a few months later. 

“Priorities! At the time, some people said Greg’s priorities were all out of whack. But when you stop and think about it, none of us knows when we might attend the last birthday party for someone whose love we value beyond price. I was Greg’s pastor. He was my best friend. His example of well-placed priorities taught me a lesson I hope I never forget!”

I hope this is a lesson for us too. Let’s always be mindful of what is important and valuable. What’s your priorities?