6/28/16 – Getting Over The Hurt – Samuel Burger

“Getting Over The Hurt”

We, as the church, often deal with spiritual health and rarely on emotional health. This is why it’s possible to see very spiritual people with poor emotional health. Have you ever wondered why people “act that way?” I’m assuming you said yes. This is what I’ve learned when it comes to emotional hurt.

1. Hurt people often harbor a victim mentality or a victim spirit.

2. Hurt people perceive every word and action directed toward them through their area of pain.  This is why it can be difficult to discuss things with them.

3. Hurt people are enormously sensitive.

4. Hurt people often overreact with outrageous emotion.

5. Hurt people only see their pain and have no idea that they are hurting others.

6. Hurt people open the door to demonic activity such as a controlling spirit or a controlling

7. Hurt people aren’t aware that the same thing they’ve been hurt with is the same thing they are

8. Hurt people usually don’t have healthy relationships.

We cannot use the actions of others as an excuse for ungodly behavior. Anyone with poor emotional health use their hurt to determine all their decisions and how they treat others.

I remember as a kid I scraped my knee riding a bicycle. Well, my Mother put Hydrogen Peroxide on the wound. As the wound began to heal and scab within a few days, I began picking at the wound until it started bleeding again. I was interrupting the healing process because I wouldn’t let my body heal the wound! Hurt people stay hurt because they won’t let the wounds heal. They pick at the wound with bitterness, unforgiveness and rage. A wound that doesn’t heal will eventually infect and spread to other parts of the body. So the longer you stay wounded the more susceptible you are to get emotional infection. You need to stop picking at your wounds and let them heal. You can bleed to death.

It’s true that hurt people hurt people, but it’s also true that you can take that hurt to God in prayer. The Bible says to cast your cares upon God for He cares for you. You’ve got to release them and let it go. If you don’t, every area of your life, including relationships, will divide. Don’t let hurt become your identity.

The Bible teaches we are spirit, soul and body. Don’t neglect your emotional/soul well-being. We can be healed from all hurt in Jesus name.