7/15/16 – Point Makers and Difference Makers – Samuel Burger

“Point Makers And Difference Makers”

There is a time for making a point but there’s also balance. I’ve found that making a point about an issue doesn’t really make a difference unless you’re willing to do something. With all social media outlets, there are a barrage of opinions but it seems those opinions never leave the digital into the real.

Many people are guilty of this but I’d like to confess I’ve been guilty of this before. I would tell others what to do and how they should do it but I really didn’t take any action. I convinced myself that I was taking action but in reality I wasn’t. It’s kind of like the fans in the stands who criticizes the coach. The fans have never coached a day in their life yet they are experts. I have sorely fell short of this in my life. So how can we make a difference instead of being obsessive about making our point?

  1. Take Action. Do something. Too much analysis leads to paralysis. A minister never ministered unless he or she did something to obey the Lord. God moves through people who move.
  2. Become The Solution Of Your Point. Alright, you’ve made your point many times on FaceBook and to your friends. Have you done anything about it? I preached a message recently on “Being the Church.” I mentioned that we can state the problem repeatedly or we can be the church. You only get what you put into it. If you’re tired of the church not being the church then be the church. It’s very simple. Nobody else will be the solution to your point unless you put the energy in being the solution also.
  3. Your Idea Needs Implementation. You’ve got a bunch of ideas but for some reason they are never implemented. It’s either you don’t have time or you just have fear. Regardless of the reason, you will have to learn how to utilize the idea into something that’s practical.

Have you ever met people that talked a really long time? Have you seen people that was ready to pour out their problems to you only to have you listen to them while they have no desire to do anything about it? It’s amazing what happens when you decide to stop talking about it and do it. That’s what you call results. It’s good to plan and be deliberate before making life-changing decisions but don’t put off what God is telling you to do today. Be daring. Be bold. Be obedient.

Let your life make God’s point through the Spirit!