2/1/17 – Our Mission – Samuel Burger

In this blog, I want to share with you our vision, mission, values and specific goals for the next few years. It’s my desire that we will unite together under this vision and accomplish what God has called us to do. Before I share our goals with you I want to give you a report of what God has done this year.

1. Four people have been healed by Jesus this year!
2. One person gave their life to Jesus!

We are looking to baptize many more and we are excited about seeing more people join the body of Christ! Now I would like to share with you our overall vision.

Why we exist: “To reach the lost and teach the saved.”
Our desire: “To see our community and beyond transformed by Jesus Christ.”
How we will do it: “Since change starts with us, we have adopted seven core values to accomplish the mission and vision God has given us.”

1. I will worship
2. I will mature
3. I will serve
4. I will give
5. I will seek unity
6. I will pray
7. I will sacrifice

By living true to these values, we will see the gospel of grace spread like wildfire.

Another goal we have is to eliminate our mortgage as soon as we can in order to

*Give More
*Do More
*Reach More

1. We want to allocate what we pay in debt directly to ministry and mission.
2. We don’t want to be about mortgage and maintenance, but about ministry and missions.
3. We don’t want years of lost ministry opportunities sacrificed on the altar of debt.

By removing the debt, we will invest in:

1. Children’s ministry. The children are the church of today. What we do for them today will matter tomorrow. We want to be better equipped to meet the spiritual and felt needs of the children’s ministry such as curriculum, food, possibly another facility and funding special trips.

2. Youth ministry. The bible says that in the last days God will pour out His Spirit on all flesh. I believe in this generation and I believe that when we give to this generation we will see a move of God like we have never seen before. We would like to be better equipped to meet their needs. If a child can’t afford to go to youth camp we will provide funds in order for them to do so. When it pertains to their walk with God we are interested in helping them.

3. Benevolence Fund: We have a desire to meet the needs of families who may be struggling. As a compassion ministry, we want to show the love of Jesus to the poor and needy.

4. Add on to the community building: Every time we have a function we overflow the building. We want to build on so we can comfortably fit every one in the building.

5. Missions and Evangelism: Missions is the heart of God. As we support local missions from the church, we also desire to support other missionaries and Christian organizations. Since God’s heart is to the Jew first, we want to support Jewish missions.

I ask you from the bottom of my heart to partner with others to implement these core values in our lives. By doing so, we will reap a harvest of souls into the kingdom of God.