6/9/17 – Quality Relationships: Quality Time – Samuel Burger

Quality Relationships: Quality Time

A quality relationship demands quality time. From my personal experience and the observation of other couples, giving each other undivided attention is key to having a quality relationship. Quality time tells your significant other, “I place a high value on you. You are more important to me than anything else right now. You matter.” The Oxford Dictionary defines quality time as, “time spent in giving another person’s undivided attention to strengthen a relationship.” In order to have a quality relationship we must implement an exclusive regular time with each other.

Life can be hectic at times. The responsibilities of childcare, career and life’s curveballs can be time-consuming. Hear me out. There are important things you must take time for in your life but if you don’t take time for marriage there could be dire consequences. If quality time isn’t a priority for your relationship then you need to make some changes.

If you are saying I don’t have time for everything you are probably not in the will of God. Don’t you think if God wanted you to do all that stuff He would give you time to do it? Hear me out again. The problem isn’t time. The problem is priorities. God has given us enough time to accomplish what we need to do. We only use the excuse of time to cover up our messed-up priorities. Always remember that the will of God will never make you so busy that you don’t have time for what’s important. Here’s some ways to get this principle working in your life.

  1. Date Night: Have fun. Go see a show. Pursue an activity together. Go to a pottery class. Go to a dinner and a movie. Go for a walk by the river. Get creative. Leisure time is a must for any relationship. Don’t neglect date night. You know the old saying? Never stop dating your spouse. Schedule a set time to be together in a stress-free event that brings you closer together.
  2. Prayer: I know. You don’t feel comfortable praying to God who you can’t see in front of your spouse. Get used to it. If God is the glue of relationships then why would we not pray? It’s a no-brainer.
  3. Go to marriage conferences and retreats: “First things first” has great conferences. I guarantee that if you google Christian marriage conferences you’ll find one near you.
  4. Have fun: This is an area where I struggle in at times. But I have a God who will help me if I ask Him which brings us back to our second point! God will help you have fun if you ask Him. Yes, it’s that simple. I have a habit sometimes of carrying things with me such as someone pulling out in front of me on the highway. Silly ain’t it? Forgive me for being transparent but I don’t want to write this article while leaving you the impression I have things figured out. You don’t deserve that kind of treatment.

Always remember that the will of God will never make you so busy that you don’t have time for what’s important. You may need to make some changes but if you really want to see change for the good you will take the initiative.